About Us

Our Team

Our board and staff play a pivotal role in our collaborative efforts. Through their expertise and extensive networks, we develop valuable relationships and create connections to advance the adoption of next-generation wireless and edge computing technologies, driving positive impact in our community.

Board Members

Jim Brisimitzis

Board Chairman, Founder & General Partner at 5G Open Innovation Lab

Jim Brisimitzis’s expertise in strategic alliances and business partnerships directly aligns with the Edge Cluster’s mission. As a board member, Jim plays a crucial role in fostering collaborations and building strategic relationships with industry stakeholders, entrepreneurs, and academics. His proficiency in channel development and ecosystem building strengthens the organization’s efforts in driving innovation and deployment of next-generation technologies.

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Joshua Berger

Board Member, Founder & President/CEO at Maritime Blue

As a board member of the Edge Cluster, Joshua Berger’s experience in economic development, public/private partnerships, and workforce development is instrumental in advancing the organization’s goals. As the Founder & President/CEO at Maritime Blue and Governor Jay Inslee’s Maritime Sector Lead, he brings valuable insights into sustainable practices and the integration of edge computing within the maritime industry. Joshua’s expertise in facilitation and education further supports the Edge Cluster’s collaborative approach to driving innovation.

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Alex Pietsch

Board Member, Executive Director, Office of Corporate Engagement at Washington State University

As a board member, Alex Pietsch’s big-picture thinking and strategic mindset contribute to shaping Edge’s vision and goals. With his extensive knowledge and experience in university/industry engagement, the aerospace industry, economic development, and real estate projects, Alex provides valuable insights into the integration of next-generation wireless and edge computing technologies across various sectors.

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