About Us

Mission & Vision

Edge Cluster is guided by our core values of economic development, innovation, collaboration, sustainability, equity, and integrity. Join us as we pave the way for the future of next-generation wireless and edge computing technologies in Washington State, working towards a prosperous, inclusive, and sustainable future.

Our Mission

We work to foster economic development in Washington State through next-generation wireless and edge computing by establishing networks in agriculture, advanced manufacturing, logistics, education, healthcare, and other key sectors. 

Our Vision

To establish Washington State as a global leader in next-generation wireless and edge computing, we unite industry, entrepreneurs, academics, civic leaders, and investors in a collaborative ecosystem. Together, we drive research, foster innovation, and deploy these groundbreaking technologies to shape the future of connectivity.

Our Values

PROSPERITY⏐We work to support the prosperity of the individuals and organizations we partner with since people flourish when they are financially secure.

INNOVATION THROUGH UNDERSTANDING⏐We believe great ideas emerge from understanding the problem. We prioritize listening with openness and curiosity.

CONNECTION⏐We foster collaboration by bringing together industry, government, innovators, and academics around our core technologies. 

ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY⏐We believe that our core technologies help industry diminish impacts on our natural environment by reducing waste, loss, congestion, and inefficiency.

EQUITY, DIVERSITY, INCLUSION⏐We break down workforce and economic development barriers, connect the siloed, and prioritize access, opportunity, and community representation. 

INTEGRITY⏐We build trust through good stewardship, gratitude, transparency, honesty, and by doing the right thing.

WA State Innovation Cluster Accelerator

The Edge Cluster (EDGE) is a Washington State Department of Commerce-supported Innovation Cluster Accelerator. Our vision is to make Washington State a global hub for next-generation wireless technologies and edge computing. To do so, we identify industries in our state that would benefit from those technologies and support implementation efforts.

The Clusters

Enterprise Digital Growth Ecosystem (EDGE) Cluster, founded by the 5G Open Innovation Lab – using edge computing and 5G to digitally transform agriculture, energy and utilities, healthcare, manufacturing and transportation and logistics.

Advanced Technology Cluster, led by the Washington Technology Industry Association – using quantum computing and distributed ledger technologies (blockchain) to grow advanced technologies and maintain Washington’s technology leadership.

Consortium for Hydrogen and Renewable Generated E-Fuels (CHARGE), led by WSU’s Joint Center for Deployment and Research in Earth and Abundant Materials (JCDREAM) – exploring the use of hydrogen to decarbonize heavy-duty transport, aviation and shipping and reduce reliance on non-renewable fuel sources.

Decarbonizing the Built Environment Cluster, led by The Clean Tech Alliance – advancing the development and adoption of clean technologies to decarbonize elements of the built environment including human-made structures, features such as energy and transportation, and facilities where people live and work.

Washington VERTical, led by the Port of Benton – accelerating the transition to clean, renewable and non-emitting energy production sources by 2025 through advanced nuclear power technologies.

Evergreen Bioscience Innovation, led by Greater Spokane, Inc. – working to make the Intermountain Northwest and Washington State a magnet for companies providing and consuming expert life and health science contract research, development, and manufacturing services of medicines and medical devices by enhancing workforce development and services to pharmaceutical and medical devices companies.

Pacific Northwest Aerospace Cluster, led by Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance – advancing Pacific Northwest aerospace manufacturing competitiveness through technology innovation, sustainable manufacturing, supply chain mapping, workforce development and marketing.

Sustainable Aerospace Technologies and Energies (SATE) Cluster, led by Aerospace Futures Alliance (AFA) – advancing aviation’s global fight against climate change by leading the research, development and deployment of sustainable aviation fuels, electrified aircraft and hydrogen-powered aviation.

Washington Autonomous Vehicle Cluster (WAV-C), led by the Kitsap Economic Development Alliance – accelerating the advancement of unpiloted and autonomous vehicles, with an initial focus on the growing need for waterborne craft.