What is Edge Computing? 

Edge computing revolutionizes data processing by bringing computing power closer to the source. As the number of connected devices, sensors, and equipment continues to soar, the cloud-based approach becomes impractical, introducing cost inefficiencies, security concerns, and slower response times. Embracing edge computing enables swift and secure data processing, empowering organizations to unlock new possibilities and capitalize on the full potential of their digital ecosystem.

Why Next Gen Wireless?

Faster speed

Ultra-fast wireless connectivity, delivering speeds up to 100 times faster than conventional technologies

More Connected Devices

Device density and sensor proliferation, with up to 1 million devices per square mile

Low Latency

Real-time data for enhanced operational efficiency and informed decision-making

Private and Secure

The ability to privatize network traffic and secure network locally

5G EDGE Technology Benefits

Enabling Solutions Across Sectors

Tech innovations reduce costs, improve quality and operations, enhance resilience, and promote sustainability and safety. But they often need improved connectivity, data storage, and processing.

Case-based Connectivity

Proposed networks need backhaul for internet connectivity. Each use case’s connectivity needs depend on data volume, geography, scale, and budget.

Labor Augmentation and Skills Development

Labor challenges exist in targeted industries, with harsh conditions, variable hours, and safety concerns. High turnover is also an issue. Technology can enhance safety, boost productivity, upskill the workforce, and convert part-time, seasonal jobs into full-time, year-round positions.

Collaborative Innovation

EDGE enables businesses to address efficiency, profitability, and quality challenges. Its partners, including the 5G Open Innovation Lab and various experts in application development, network architecture, and hardware provision, can design customized networks and computing solutions for each user’s requirements.

Applied research

EDGE will create an applied research model through partnerships between academic research teams and field labs. We collaborate on projects focused on the commercial application of research and then scale the impact through publishing and commercial channels.